About P2M

Secure and unrestricted data exchange technology

Unlimited capacity

Because you use an unlimited number of e-mail accounts using their own disk space.


Email accounts are created by a program randomly or you can use your own accounts. All data is fully encrypted.

Data backup

The sent data can appear in many copies sent around the world, it costs you nothing.

Data availability

Only you or anyone (depends on how you choose) has continuous access to the data (including password).

P2M Technology Forum

Your shared files (if you place them) and other users files are always available on the P2M user forum page.
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So far, nothing has been left out of P2M that would give anonymity, security, decentralization of data, and unlimited capacity without any obligations !

Ygoow Team

We are a group of enthusiasts for whom it is important that no one "walks in with the shoes" into our privacy so that we can share files safely and quickly, without paying disk space to those who change the rules of use and have access to what we have sent to their servers.

Ygoow Application

Ygoow is a program to use the benefits of P2M technology, do you want to use P2M without Ygoow ? It simply doesnt have that option. For more information, visit Ygoow or download Ygoow and start discovering about it.

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